Career talk – Mr. Nguyen Duc Truyen

Career talk – Mr. Nguyen Duc Truyen

Hello Anh Truyen! Can you tell everyone about your career journey?

Since 2010 I have been with DDA company until now, implementing many big projects such as: Diamond Island, A3 Himlam River Side Apartment, Mong Ham Lot B, Ward 11, District 6, HCMC. That can’t be called a success, but it’s a big step in my career journey.

What fate brought you to the construction industry, helped you stick with the profession in general and DDA in particular?

Since I was in high school, I have been a helper and I love that job. I used to dream of building new houses for people to live in. The smell of concrete makes me love my job more. Especially as a young engineer, the passion for construction is a strong desire in me. For DDA company I love DDA and love all members of SPACE family.

It is known that he is one of the typical characters who have been with DDA for a long time with significant contributions to the development of the company. Can you share your fondest memories of working here?

In the early days of establishment, any company cannot avoid immediate difficulties. And so is the company DDA, where I am attached. But thanks to those difficulties, the brothers stood side by side, supporting each other to overcome. That is the will to rise, teamwork and brotherly affection under the same roof of DDA company.

Out of all the projects you’ve worked on, which one is your favourite?

Works: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION 11, District 6, HCMC. It is the project that I am most passionate about and devoted the most to.

Why did you choose the profession of TVG and why did you choose DDA as a place to stay for a long time?

To be more precise, the construction profession, at the construction site, surrounded by steel and concrete, must be really passionate and love the job to be able to stick with the job for a long time. Working environment is the first decision for me. DDA Company is always a good working environment, a friendly home for everyone to work and share.

And the last question in today’s conversation, can you share about the experiences that need to be kept in mind when TVGS so that today’s young engineers have more experience?

Always love the job, dare to pursue and fulfill our passion, live for it, we will succeed.

Wishing the young people confidence and success in their careers. Live your life and fulfill your passion.

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