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1. Hello, I would like to share some of your career journey.
His career as a businessman is normal as other people, youth in high school, see the magazine of the Soviet Union at that time he was interested, passionate with the building architecture in the Soviet Union, Since then I strived to finish high school to enter the Hanoi Polytechnic University in 1966, because the university has a Department of Architecture, has been studying for two years in the Faculty of Architecture, due to training requirements. At that time, transfer some to study bridge construction, I among them. In September 1971, I was assigned to a road construction company under the Road Administration Department, working there from the time I was graduating to the end of 1976. I was in charge of technical work. We have been involved in the construction of roads from Lang Son to Thanh Hoa. The atmosphere of work is very enthusiastic, although the working conditions, living in very poor, but everyone tries to work hard, then work under the subsidy system, so no thought. Lost in work, labor discipline is taken seriously. In 1977, I was transferred to work in the South to this day: During this time, I worked in the companies of General 6 such as Bridge Company 1, Bridge Company 63, Bridge Company 60, Private Company Designing 625, I retired in 2005, then I continued to work at a total of 6, at General 1, then joined the DDA Technical Joint Stock Company from September 2010.

2. What charm has brought to the construction industry, helped his uncle to stick with the job in general and the DDA in particular.
Passionate in the construction industry since he was a local schoolboy, through Soviet-era magazine magazines, with huge architectural works, wide roads, and thorough I will become a construction engineer, build high-rise buildings, roads, beautiful bridges in my hometown, take me to the construction profession. up until now. Time to work, I find myself more in love with the job because once I finish a project I look back very proud, especially whenever I myself have access to the works I have done before, social development, scale construction works also, so I still have the desire to contribute to the work of large scale with high technical criteria.
With the DDA, I find the work environment airy, sincere, effective, but not noisy, DDA is not the best work, but here is the sincere sharing between you with you, Colleagues with colleagues, leaders with employees, and more importantly, the DDA know how to promote the capacity of each employee, self-respect and respect.

3. In all the works that you have done, which work most attentive?
The most interesting project is A Vuong Bridge 2 on Ho Chi Minh Road, because it is located in the forest, construction conditions are very difficult, complicated, again to ensure progress. After the re-entrust of the construction department before the requirements, I organized the construction and exceeded the requirements of the Corporation (6 in 2000).

4. Why do you choose TVGS career and why DDA is a sticking point for long term?
Actually up to now he still passionate about the construction profession, because through the new construction understand the true value of work contributed by the construction industry, but due to health conditions do not allow so later I move to TVGS field. Through this field, I found many problems exist in the design as well as construction today, although there are many places where the design of construction drawings meet the requirements, but the construction contractor lack capacity. It is difficult to manage the quality of construction, because many have undergone construction, so experience construction is not less. When I do TVGS, I regularly control the quality of construction items in a convincing manner, should be approved by investors, contractors.
As mentioned above, the DDA is not a more powerful unit than other TVGS units, but the DDA has a well-ventilated working environment, a sincere sharing, a co-worker, self-esteem and respect. These are the factors that keep me up to now.

5. What is the most important thing for an engineer to stick to a job?
To stick with the profession of an engineer, first of all, the engineer must train himself, practice his skills, determine his / her career goals and become involved in the work. I have to be really modest and demanding.


Thank you for coming to the interview and sharing experiences and useful advice for the young. Have a good health to work with DDA on the next road.

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