• Friday November 10th, 2017
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DDACONS wishes to build a working environment that is geared towards the continuous improvement and development of employees. Annual training programs not only complement knowledge, develop individual skills but also provide opportunities to enhance the collective spirit of employees throughout the company.

Training is a key factor in the development of human resources. DDA Engineering Company always provides opportunities for employees at all levels in the company to participate in annual training courses aimed at improve working skills. With the aim of improving the professional quality and professionalism of the human resources, the Company has set up a training process to ensure the implementation of scientific and systematic training and high efficiency. In addition, the promotion of human resource training and development also aims to: build, preserve and promote the image and brand of the company, thereby attracting talented people to work together. The company develops in its consultancy and contribution to society.

With the specificity of consulting activities at the Company, the Company ensures that all staffs of the Company are trained to have sufficient professional capacity to perform their assigned tasks. Diverse and varied training programs are offered in the form of classes, on-the-job training or self-study. The staff is financially supported and encouraged to maintain continuous learning as well as to provide corresponding development opportunities.

In addition to skill training courses, all staff are regularly involved in internal training and day-to-day training, helping all members to understand the activities, love and pride. about his company more.

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